Solemates: A Love Letter

To all the dreamers, wild at heart, and life-loving wanderers; this is a thank you. A thank you for choosing MALVADOS, for believing in MALVADOS, and for travelling with MALVADOS. The feeling’s mutual: we love you, too.

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From the second we laid eyes on each other, it was meant to be. You were everything I wanted in a solemate: someone with not a care in the world and a calendar filled with endless possibilities. You were, and continue to be, my happy place. My life of the party, free-spirited, partner-in-crime, whom I can’t help falling for on Cupid’s most cuddly day of the year. No matter what your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans are, you know we’re here to ensure you celebrate in style.


I still remember our very first walk along the beach. You went barefoot in the sand, holding me in your hands. Running straight for the waves, or sitting on the dock, you refused to let go. It is my absolute honour to walk with you into the unknown and to run directly towards adventure. ‘Cuz that’s just what partners do. I know that loving me isn’t always easy. I come in different colours, styles, and sizes. I gave you so many different options, and I forced you to choose. I fully believe that is our foundation and what brought us even closer. You chose me. And I love you for that.

Together forever.

Because you give me the V-Day feels everyday.

Be Mine.





Attention all travellers and dreamers: MALVADOS has a 2018 treat for you! Post a pic on Instagram of your ideal vacay, perfect trip, or ultimate #travelgoal for 2018. Tag @malvados and use #wanderwithus in the caption for a chance to win one pair of MALVADOS every month for the year 2018! After all, life is more than living in just one area code!

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To the biggest traveller, most free-spirited, and ultimate wanderer: we challenge you. Show us where 2018 will take you in your wildest dreams, and turn it into a reality. Keep on dreaming, dreamers. ‘Cuz MALVADOS loves nothing more.

Palm Springs for the desert gypsy…

New Zealand for the camper-van explorer…

Paris for the pastry lover…

Havana for the history fanatic…

Santorini for the sleeping-under-the-stars, sunset lover…

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It’s 2018, and wanderlust is back in full force. Adventure is everywhere and opportunities are endless. No more excuses; grab your list and start checking off dream destinations. Whether it’s a little weekend getaway, or a one-way ticket towards the unknown - MALVADOS wants to set out on the adventure with you. Post a picture, tag @malvados, and #wanderwithus. Adventure awaits.

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3 Easy Steps For 12 Pairs of MALVADOS Sandals:

1. Post your 2018 #travelgoal on Instagram

2. Tag @malvados in the pic

3. Use #wanderwithus in the caption

Let's Get Lost

Windows down, hair blowing, music blasting. This is a free-spirit-explore-the-world kind’ve story, and ours is just getting started. With feet up on the dash, or ankles deep in the sand - our MALVADOS Spring 2018 collection is one for the everyday dreamer, wanderer, and wild at heart.

This season we teamed up with real-life couple and nomadic lovers Sarah Loven and husband, Joshua, to show us what Moroc ’N’ Roll is all about. She is the founder of a fashion and travel blog “Ready Gypset Go,” and he is a musician and cinematographer. They show us their endless adventure of living life on the road in their 1971 Airstream - constantly moving and forgoing the standards of a “normal life.” As true travel gypsies, they’re always finding the  freedom to follow their dreams. The Moroc ‘N’ Roll catalog was shot in the midst of Blackstar Canyon, where the couple is forever chasing new experiences through music, fashion, and photography.

The Spring 2018 launch marks the start of a MALVADOS first ever men’s collection. Making this Morocco inspired collection the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for him AND for her. Offered in earthy, natural, jewel tones, the sandals reflect shades of Tahitian sea pearls and a desert lifestyle. Grab the guitar, cozy up in tribal blankets, and just GO. It’s time for some Moroc ‘N’ Roll.  So comfy you’ll be dancing from dusk ’til dawn. Walk with us, wander with us, and let’s live it up. Together. MALVADOS style.

Get to know MADI LOUCH

DJ and Influencer MADI LOUCH was the perfect pick for MALVADOS first model and brand ambassador. Find out more about her in our Q & A

Madi Louch with MALVADOS founder Jen Rainnie

Madi Louch with MALVADOS founder Jen Rainnie

What is the most embarrassing thing / moment you’ve ever experienced on set or at a shoot? Wow, I feel like there has been so many haha. I think the worst is when someone knows who you are and they start asking you personal questions and when you start answering their flash goes off when trying to record a video without my knowledge. 

Naughty confession?
Hmm naughty confession ?! I think the best would have to be, well, let's just say that epic scene in ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’ with Leo & Margrot laying on the bed of cash. Did that.

Favorite Tragic pick up line?
My fav is when guys direct message me on instagram with pictures of furniture saying “don’t mind me just moving into your dms” 

What's the name of a reality show about your life?
Don’t know any musicians with reality shows so I’m gonna have to go with ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ because my family and I have no filter but are all really close and under a spotlight in our own way.

What's more important, looks or lols?  
definitely not looks. my parents always make fun of me because of any guy I date. I'm really attracted to creativity. I don’t find looks intriguing.

What's your anthem at the moment?
 Wow so hard to choose. I really enjoy this artist ‘Lil Klein’ . He’s a dutch rapper who is like our version of G-eazy

What’s your go to Cocktail?
If I’m at a bar and don’t have much going on the next day ill definitely just drink Old Fashioned's all night. Not much a cocktail drinker. Probably the South African in me haha.

Who inspires your music? Do you have a rock ICON that you channel?
Skrillex 100% . He’s the most down to earth, inspiring, hard working man I have ever met. 

Where are you dying to go for your next adventure?
I really want to go to Amsterdam and check out their nightlife. However, I really wanna go to Greece and just escape for a week in the sun.

Who run the world?

Fingers for eyelashes or eyelashes for fingers?
Eyelashes for fingers seems less aggressive and more butterfly like.


Check out some of our fave shots of Madi behind the scenes

Festival MUST HAVE Guide

We've got Festival Fever lately and it's got us thinking about some of our Festival MUST HAVES. Here's our Festival preparedness guide including links to the best knowhow and packing lists out there!

Festival Faves from @Brooke.jacqueline instagram takeover of @flipflopshops

Festival Faves from @Brooke.jacqueline instagram takeover of @flipflopshops

1 - The Perfect Festival SANDALS like the ICON STEVIE 

2 - A Beautiful bikini in not so basic black or sizzling snake

3 - Some rocker cutoff's with studs on the side

4 - The Ultimate Survival staples from (Hello French Press for Coffee!)

5 - The unparalleled wisdom and Festival know-how of Festival Veteran Crystal Precious

6 - Don't forget your tickets. No joke. It happens.

7 - The perfect Flip flops for hanging out campside like the PLAYA in whatever your favorite color may be!

What are we missing? Let us know what you can't live without at a music festival in the comments below.