MALVADOS: Unapologetically Canadian

Canadian born. Canadian raised. Canadian made. Through and through, our blood runs red and white, maple syrup pulsing through our veins. Sorry not sorry; we’re proud to be Canadian.

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We skate, we ski, we hunt, and we hike. We tan, we chill, and we’re really really polite. So sorry, too much bragging? Oh wait, did we mention the Raptors win? Nothing like good ol’ Canadian pride!

From sun to snow, and everything in between, Canada is our home. And MALVADOS couldn’t be prouder.

Canada Day 02.jpg

To come from the True North, a country so strong and free, MALVADOS is wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day!

Whether you’re spending the long weekend with family or friends, tanning on the beach, or cozy in bed - let’s face it: there’s no place we’d rather be! From one Canadian to another, Happy Canada Day!!!!