"Tulum with Me"

Tulum : A boho-chic paradise located at the Southern tip of Caribbean Mexico. Stunning blue water, dusty white sand beaches and dense tropical jungle create a safe haven for all things beautiful and creative.

Artwork by Daniel Popper.

Artwork by Daniel Popper.

This hidden oasis hosted Art With Me’s incredible art, music and wellness festival for the second year in a row. Amazing sculptures and unique art installations were showcased in boutique hotels and lined the shoreline, taking your breath away. Musicians played beachside while festival goers danced along with the palm trees. This is our vibe, where we belong. Where MALVADOS needs to be.

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This surreal experience created a unique opportunity, so we grabbed it by the horns. There was no better place to capture what MALVADOS is about, to share what resonates in our DNA. This was the perfect place to shoot our 2020 Spring and Summer campaigns.

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Everywhere you go in Tulum has its own stunning unique beauty. Just like our new collection, full of diverse styles and fabrications. We welcome you to join the tribe this Spring 2020 and experience “Tulum with Me”.