Meet Our Muse: Emily Rowed

Adventure > Everything Follow your heart, they said. Pursue your dreams, they said. Stay true to yourself, they said. Do what makes you happy, they said. So she did.

Emily performing at Bumbershoot

Emily performing at Bumbershoot

She sold her belongings, grabbed her guitar, picked up her suitcase, and left. With nowhere to go, she had everything to see. Wandering into the wild world with nothing but endless adventure and opportunity, this wanderlust dreamer never looked back.

Strumming away on her guitar, writing song after song, Emily Rowed quickly became our muse, our ambassador, and our inspiration. As part of our Summer 2018 Road Trip Inn campaign, Emily’s love of music, need for adventure, and desire to dream embody all things that MALVADOS values most.

We asked her some questions on where she is now:

Emily Rowed Studio.jpg

Q: What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

A: I basically can’t stop writing songs, I started writing poems as a kid and never really stopped. And I love trying to put a story or a feeling into a song or something that has already been said but in a new way.

 Q: What are you working on right now?

A: 100 new songs in Nashville, new writers. I’m very excited about it.

Q: Your new album, APRIL, is a huge hit. What was your inspiration behind it?

A: April is about a year of my life, April to April, I gave away almost everything I owned, fell madly in love and decided that adventure was more important than having things.

 Q: Where are you now?

A: I’m in Nashville, Tennesee with my guitar and my dog. 

Q: Do you have any big projects or concerts coming up? 

A: Yes, hopefully something comes out in the fall, we’re about 6 songs deep into the next project and I’m very excited about it.

 Q: You recently played at Bumbershoot, what did it feel like to play in front of that many people?

A: It was definitely the biggest stage I’ve ever played and I definitely want to do it again. It felt great. 

Q: We first met you over a year ago during our 2018 campaign shoot, what has changed since we last saw you?

A: I’ve just done a tonne of travelling, went across Canada and the US and continued to fall madly in love and got engaged. 

Emily’s new album, April launched this year.

Emily’s new album, April launched this year.

Her voice, story, and songs are raw and real. Emily Rowed is in our DNA - she’s a part of our MALVADOS family. Check out her hauntingly beautiful new album, APRIL, here.