#LOVE - February’s most trending hashtag.

Relationship status: Single

Relationship status: Taken

Relationship status: It’s Complicated

No, this post will not be a rant on all things hearts and chocolate. It will not target all flower shops and fancy restaurants. It’s just a little reminder to prepare yourself for the month of February. A month full of red and pink, full of roses are red, violets are blue. It’s to get your fingers ready to double tap on all the super cute, sorta cute, and straight up bitter content you’ll be inundated with. This post is to encourage you to stare the red traffic lights straight on, instead of somehow averting your course during Cupid’s month. Whether you’re more sugar or spice, this V-Day will be filled with everything nice.


Got a special someone in your life? A furry companion to confide in? A family to depend on? A BFF to LOL with? This Valentine’s Day, MALVADOS is spreading the love and embracing every second of it. ‘Cuz it is what it is, and instead of throwing shade, we’re all about the hugs and kisses.


Whether you’re coupled up and insta-goals or single and thriving, MALVADOS would swipe right on your profile any day. We really like you. We like like you. It’s safe to say: we love you. Be our Valentine.


Your Valentine,