Thank U, Next

Bring. It. On..

With 2018 in the past, we can forget about that unused gym membership, the healthy living diet we planned on sticking to, and the good intentions we had in being money conscious. The motivation you had last January quickly turns into snoozing your alarm and spending 10 more minutes in bed from February onwards.

No more feeling sorry for ourselves: we’re declaring 2019 the year to dream big and run wild. With 365 new days filled with unlimited opportunities, our 2019 adventure will be free of regret and full of YOLO moments!

MALVADOS Lifestyle2.jpg

This year MALVADOS is all about keeping things real, being spontaneous in our adventures, and staying true to ourselves.  Instead of simply talking about the road trip of your dreams, MALVADOS will be watching and waiting for you to book the motels and hop in the driver’s seat. Rather than dreaming of going to Coachella with your besties, MALVADOS will be snug in your suitcase ready to attend the oncein-a-lifetime outdoor festival. This year, MALVADOS is taking control of life and living it to the fullest.


Thanks for all the 2018 memories, it’s been real. 2019, we welcome you with open arms and a champagne flute in hand. Wishing you the best of luck 2019, ‘cuz MALVADOS has a lot in store for you this year😊