The end of summer? Go away. You’re not wanted here. And we can’t even.


Having 2 months full of care-free, sun-tanning, pool-floating, party rocking days and nights, our summer-state-of-mind is stronger than ever. With s’mores to be made by a campfire, and cars to be driven cross-country - we’re all feeling the back to reality blues.

Bye-bye July. Nice knowing you, August.

Having returned home from our wanderlust-worthy vacays, we’re slowly coming to terms with trading in our sun tan for sin, cos, and tan. We’re taking our story and turning it into an essay topic. Or, better yet, proofreading somebody else’s adventure story.


Well, no thanks. Not on our watch. MALVADOS is here to remind you that just ‘cuz summer is over doesn’t mean the rest of your life is! Summer slump? Don’t think so. The adventure is just beginning. With places to go and people to see, we’re just getting started.

Just because work is in full force and school’s back in session - it’s never not the right time to drive with your hair up and your windows down. Rock out on your guitar, chill out on your hammock, and fire up the BBQ ‘cuz things are about to get LIT.


Summer ’18 has come and gone, but our MALVADOS are here to stay. And where there are MALVADOS, there are adventures. So, what’re you waiting for?! No excuses. No more living 10 months for 2. We’ll be waiting for Snapchat stories and Insta pics - ‘cuz life’s too short to live any other way.