Summer Should Get A Speeding Ticket

This is an automated message as we are currently out of the office. We have road trips to go on, pool parties to crash, and trade shows to attend. If you need to find us, please locate your nearest ice cream truck – we’ll probably be there.


It’s only the second month of summer, and we’re totally bringing the heat. Just last month, we packed our bags and jetted off to Miami Swim, followed by Vancouver’s Know Show. Talk about living our best life, am I right? And that’s just the beginning. Up and coming, we have Platform in Las Vegas and Surf Expo in Orlando. Remember that summer bucket list we mentioned a few posts ago? Check, check, and check.

Malvados_SP19' Trade Show 5.jpg

As you may have already gotten tired of last year’s summer-staples, to help make the old look new and completely reinvent your closet, MALVADOS has turned it up a notch by adding new styles, colours and fabrics. MALVADOS is providing you with super stylish, completely amazing, and totally noteworthy content to upload to your insta feed. #GOALS. But seriously. With *NEW* Canary Yellow and Azure Blue colours, reptile prints, and an expanded fashion category - we’re Trip’Inn out. Road Trip’Inn out.

Aug blog4.jpg

Every time the warm weather rolls around, the MALVADOS inside us all is freed, our wanderlust soars, and our adventure officially begins. With sandals this cute, can you blame us?! So, lotion up, grab your sandals n’ sunnies, and hit the road. Crank the tunes, sing your heart out, and explore the world. Let your inner MALVADOS out, ‘cuz we all need some of that in our lives.