MALVADOS: Canadian Made.

Canada: a country full of poutine, beavertails, Tim Horton’s coffee, and maple syrup. Known worldwide for being polite, for apologizing at every opportunity, and for rockin’ a Canadian tuxedo like no other. A country where every person is a patriotic one, and where the Canadian dream is an everyday reality. Oh Canada, how we love you.


Every year on July 1st, a sea of red and white floods the streets as Canadians from coast-to- coast celebrate the True North. One hundred and fifty-one years ago, Canada was founded, and today, we say Happy Birthday.

To the thrill-seekers and gypsy-loving travellers, slip into a little Canada this summer in a pair of MALVADOS sandals. Founded in 2016 by Jennifer Rainnie and Baseer Khudayar, MALVADOS is proud to be Canadian. A fashion forward style staple, they’re the sandals that adventures are made in and memories are forever. With every step made, the dreamer in all of us is found and the wanderlust begins.

Baseer and Jen copy.jpg

So, whether your sittin’ poolside with a maple leaf tatted on your shoulder, or watching the fireworks snap, crackle, and pop - bring a piece of Canada with you by wearing your MALVADOS sandals. Unapologetically authentic and effortlessly edgy - MALVADOS brings something new and exciting to take with you everywhere. It’s a Canadian thing, eh?

Happy Birthday, Canada!

With lots of love,
A fellow Canadian: MALVADOS