New Summer Campaign, Who Dis?

Summer is finally HERE! With sun on our mind and sandals on our feet, it’s time to get those pedicures booked and let the search for new sunnies begin. With the stress of finding the cutest ‘fits and the pressures of posting the cutest pics, MALVADOS has made your life that much easier with their *NEW* Road Trip Inn Summer 2018 campaign. Looking for a sandal to go with absolutely everything? Or a flip flop to wear on your next big adventure? We’ve got you covered.


Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Emily Rowed and Charlie Kerr drive together into the world, craving adventure and staying true to their nomadic lifestyles. Wearing their MALVADOS sandals with extra pairs packed away in their little suitcase as they go from motel to motel, they’re never looking back. ‘Cuz the future is too bright for that.

Emily Rowed, musician and full-time wanderer, is known for her haunting, buttery, and deeply personal vocals. Having worked with DJ Tiesto in 2014, she is just getting started. Charlie Kerr is a musician, actor, and playwright. He has been recognized as a “Star To Watch” according to Variety Magazine as well as E! Canada and the Whistler Film Festival.


Join Emily and Charlie on their adventure with Road Trip Inn Summer 2018 campaign. From records spinning and guitars playing, to eating sundaes at a diner, these two know how to live a care-free, spur-of-the-moment, follow-your-dreams kind’ve life. And MALVADOS loves that.