Mom, this is for you. It’s a thank you for always being there, for knowing what to say, and for never taking “no” for an answer. It’s an “I love you” for knowing me better than I know myself, for teaching me right from wrong, and for being the same shoe size as me. This is a Happy Mother’s Day message to a #MALVADOSMama like no other. ’Cuz you’re so much more than some flowers and chocolates.


Like my MALVADOS, our mom is our foundation. She’s the person who tells the truth so bad it hurts, and the person who would never want to see us fall. She’s our constant shoulder to cry on and our most fierce protector.

Like my MALVADOS, providing comfort and support are a must. And mom’s know that. It’s just something they do. Like my MALVADOS, mom’s are always there for guidance. They’re there to encourage us to face our fears, to walk into the unknown, and to challenge ourselves. They pave the way for us to create memories of our own and have adventures of a lifetime.

Like my MALVADOS, a mom is loyal. Through the ups, the downs, and everything in between - there’s one person we can always count on, our mom. They’ve been with us through it all and they keep coming back for more!

Like my MALVADOS, it will always be us against the world. ‘Cuz no one gets it quite like you do.


What we’re getting at, is that if it wasn’t for you, we’d be screwed. Time to call Grandma, to see mom, and to text sister. It’s Mother’s Day, so let’s give them all the praise and affection that they TOTALLY deserve. Thanks for being my mom, my cheerleader, and my go-to person. I’m proud to say: #IGotItFromMyMama.