Hello Spring Break! We’ve been waiting for you. With sandals on our mind and boots on our feet, MALVADOS created a quiz to #freethefeet and focus on what’s really important: March break. Take this quiz and find out which MALVADOS sandal you need to take with you on Spring Break!

malvados everything but water-15.jpg

On a vacation, you are… 

A. Hiking, snorkelling, surfing…adventure awaits!

B. Tanning by the pool, sipping your fav drink, and just chillin’ out.

C. On a tour, sightseeing, and trying all the local foods. It’s tourist time!

Which best describes your style?

A. Sporty and boho chic

B. Classic and effortless

C. Stylish trendsetter

Your dream vacay looks a little something like:

A. A road trip. Life is meant to be explored!

B. A festival! I’ve got my henna tat and fanny pack. It’s go-time.

C. Somewhere far away and exotic. Sorry in advance for all the pics I’ll be posting.

Your beach #OOTD is a:

A. Matching bikini set, baseball hat, jean shorts, and beachy waves.

B. One piece with major cut-outs, cute coverup, and sunnies.

C. Super chic bather, sarong, and oversized straw sunhat.

It’s March Break and you’re going somewhere H-O-T. Your pedi style is:

A. Totally natural. Did I mention I’m low maintenance?

B. Something bright! I need to embrace the sandal state-of-mind.

C. Metallic. When I’m shining bright, my toes should, too.

Malvados wander with us-3.jpg

If you got mostly A’s… The MALVADOS Playa is the sandal for you! Playful, silly, and fun-loving, this is your spirit sandal. With a “live in the moment” type of attitude, this sandal, like you, is always up for an adventure.

Malvados wander with us-8.jpg

If you got mostly B’s… The MALVADOS Lux Sandal is your Spring Break BFF! Complementing your           laid-back style, this metallic-strapped super comfy flip flop is the perfect spring break staple.

malvados everything but water-18.jpg

If you got mostly C’s… Grab the MALVADOS Icon and get out of town! They’re totally original and stand out in a crowd - just like you. Stay creative, and be wild.

Or, stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and BRING THEM ALL. A little overweight luggage never hurt anybody…