Solemates: A Love Letter

To all the dreamers, wild at heart, and life-loving wanderers; this is a thank you. A thank you for choosing MALVADOS, for believing in MALVADOS, and for travelling with MALVADOS. The feeling’s mutual: we love you, too.

Malvados wander with us-2.jpg

From the second we laid eyes on each other, it was meant to be. You were everything I wanted in a solemate: someone with not a care in the world and a calendar filled with endless possibilities. You were, and continue to be, my happy place. My life of the party, free-spirited, partner-in-crime, whom I can’t help falling for on Cupid’s most cuddly day of the year. No matter what your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans are, you know we’re here to ensure you celebrate in style.


I still remember our very first walk along the beach. You went barefoot in the sand, holding me in your hands. Running straight for the waves, or sitting on the dock, you refused to let go. It is my absolute honour to walk with you into the unknown and to run directly towards adventure. ‘Cuz that’s just what partners do. I know that loving me isn’t always easy. I come in different colours, styles, and sizes. I gave you so many different options, and I forced you to choose. I fully believe that is our foundation and what brought us even closer. You chose me. And I love you for that.

Together forever.

Because you give me the V-Day feels everyday.

Be Mine.