Thankful, Blessed, and Ho-Ho-Holiday Obsessed

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s officially acceptable to blast the carols in the car and sing your heart out. After the Thanksgiving food coma has passed, it’s time to turn your house into a magical wonderland, grab the decorations from the basement and deck the halls. No time to waste this holiday season, with gifts to buy and a long list of what you’d like to receive, the pressure’s on.


No need to worry; just take a deep breath. ‘Cuz as always, MALVADOS has your back. We’ve created a Holiday Gift Guide that will keep mom, dad, your bestie, and the rest of your crew feeling jolly AF.


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Tick tock tick tock… you’ve got gifts to wrap and cards to write! Happy Holidays! XOXO, Your MALVADOS Fam