CAUTION: Too Cute To Spook

Welcome to October: a month where candy sales soar, horror flicks play on repeat, and you find yourself ordering pumpkin flavoured everything. A month where spiderwebs and skulls are the “it” home accessory, where blood is the sought after makeup, and where people get the chance to dress up as someone they’re not.


Beware: MALVADOS is taking on a new approach to the fright-night fun. Join us in embracing the whimsical side while looking chillingly chic. We’re keeping it real, and making the candy hunt one to remember. Bow down, witches. Let’s get this party startled.

MALVADOS knows, dressing up as a celeb and taking on their persona for a couple of hours makes for an epic #OOTD on insta. We get the Halloween hype - it’s fun, it’s scary, and there’s a constant thrill and adrenaline rush. It’s the perfect chance to find your boo and put on your resting witch face. But, getting kissed by a vampire is a pain in the neck, and so is trying to be someone you’re not. Rather than becoming someone so completely unrecognizable, throw on a pair of MALVADOS with your costume to keep the inner you alive.


With everyone so dressed up, be the you that you’ve always wanted to be. Show the world the free-spirited, adventurer, born-to-be-wild side. Halloween is the holiday of all things frightening, so what better time to face your fears and be the you you’ve always wanted to let out? You’re boo-tiful inside and out, so no nerves necessary. Take a deep breath, keep calm and carry a wand.


MALVADOS encourages exploration and expression. After all, the best costume is the one you’re most confident in! Trick or treat yo’self to a pair of MALVADOS this Halloween for the ultimate fashion statement. If the broom fits, fly it. Oops, I mean: if the shoe fits, wear it. Happy Halloween!