Attention all travellers and dreamers: MALVADOS has a 2018 treat for you! Post a pic on Instagram of your ideal vacay, perfect trip, or ultimate #travelgoal for 2018. Tag @malvados and use #wanderwithus in the caption for a chance to win one pair of MALVADOS every month for the year 2018! After all, life is more than living in just one area code!

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To the biggest traveller, most free-spirited, and ultimate wanderer: we challenge you. Show us where 2018 will take you in your wildest dreams, and turn it into a reality. Keep on dreaming, dreamers. ‘Cuz MALVADOS loves nothing more.

Palm Springs for the desert gypsy…

New Zealand for the camper-van explorer…

Paris for the pastry lover…

Havana for the history fanatic…

Santorini for the sleeping-under-the-stars, sunset lover…

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It’s 2018, and wanderlust is back in full force. Adventure is everywhere and opportunities are endless. No more excuses; grab your list and start checking off dream destinations. Whether it’s a little weekend getaway, or a one-way ticket towards the unknown - MALVADOS wants to set out on the adventure with you. Post a picture, tag @malvados, and #wanderwithus. Adventure awaits.

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3 Easy Steps For 12 Pairs of MALVADOS Sandals:

1. Post your 2018 #travelgoal on Instagram

2. Tag @malvados in the pic

3. Use #wanderwithus in the caption