Get to know MADI LOUCH

DJ and Influencer MADI LOUCH was the perfect pick for MALVADOS first model and brand ambassador. Find out more about her in our Q & A

Madi Louch with MALVADOS founder Jen Rainnie

Madi Louch with MALVADOS founder Jen Rainnie

What is the most embarrassing thing / moment you’ve ever experienced on set or at a shoot? Wow, I feel like there has been so many haha. I think the worst is when someone knows who you are and they start asking you personal questions and when you start answering their flash goes off when trying to record a video without my knowledge. 

Naughty confession?
Hmm naughty confession ?! I think the best would have to be, well, let's just say that epic scene in ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’ with Leo & Margrot laying on the bed of cash. Did that.

Favorite Tragic pick up line?
My fav is when guys direct message me on instagram with pictures of furniture saying “don’t mind me just moving into your dms” 

What's the name of a reality show about your life?
Don’t know any musicians with reality shows so I’m gonna have to go with ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ because my family and I have no filter but are all really close and under a spotlight in our own way.

What's more important, looks or lols?  
definitely not looks. my parents always make fun of me because of any guy I date. I'm really attracted to creativity. I don’t find looks intriguing.

What's your anthem at the moment?
 Wow so hard to choose. I really enjoy this artist ‘Lil Klein’ . He’s a dutch rapper who is like our version of G-eazy

What’s your go to Cocktail?
If I’m at a bar and don’t have much going on the next day ill definitely just drink Old Fashioned's all night. Not much a cocktail drinker. Probably the South African in me haha.

Who inspires your music? Do you have a rock ICON that you channel?
Skrillex 100% . He’s the most down to earth, inspiring, hard working man I have ever met. 

Where are you dying to go for your next adventure?
I really want to go to Amsterdam and check out their nightlife. However, I really wanna go to Greece and just escape for a week in the sun.

Who run the world?

Fingers for eyelashes or eyelashes for fingers?
Eyelashes for fingers seems less aggressive and more butterfly like.


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