Let's Get Lost

Windows down, hair blowing, music blasting. This is a free-spirit-explore-the-world kind’ve story, and ours is just getting started. With feet up on the dash, or ankles deep in the sand - our MALVADOS Spring 2018 collection is one for the everyday dreamer, wanderer, and wild at heart.

This season we teamed up with real-life couple and nomadic lovers Sarah Loven and husband, Joshua, to show us what Moroc ’N’ Roll is all about. She is the founder of a fashion and travel blog “Ready Gypset Go,” and he is a musician and cinematographer. They show us their endless adventure of living life on the road in their 1971 Airstream - constantly moving and forgoing the standards of a “normal life.” As true travel gypsies, they’re always finding the  freedom to follow their dreams. The Moroc ‘N’ Roll catalog was shot in the midst of Blackstar Canyon, where the couple is forever chasing new experiences through music, fashion, and photography.

The Spring 2018 launch marks the start of a MALVADOS first ever men’s collection. Making this Morocco inspired collection the perfect holiday stocking stuffer for him AND for her. Offered in earthy, natural, jewel tones, the sandals reflect shades of Tahitian sea pearls and a desert lifestyle. Grab the guitar, cozy up in tribal blankets, and just GO. It’s time for some Moroc ‘N’ Roll.  So comfy you’ll be dancing from dusk ’til dawn. Walk with us, wander with us, and let’s live it up. Together. MALVADOS style.