Meet Our Muse: Emily Rowed

Adventure > Everything Follow your heart, they said. Pursue your dreams, they said. Stay true to yourself, they said. Do what makes you happy, they said. So she did.

Emily performing at Bumbershoot

Emily performing at Bumbershoot

She sold her belongings, grabbed her guitar, picked up her suitcase, and left. With nowhere to go, she had everything to see. Wandering into the wild world with nothing but endless adventure and opportunity, this wanderlust dreamer never looked back.

Strumming away on her guitar, writing song after song, Emily Rowed quickly became our muse, our ambassador, and our inspiration. As part of our Summer 2018 Road Trip Inn campaign, Emily’s love of music, need for adventure, and desire to dream embody all things that MALVADOS values most.

We asked her some questions on where she is now:

Emily Rowed Studio.jpg

Q: What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

A: I basically can’t stop writing songs, I started writing poems as a kid and never really stopped. And I love trying to put a story or a feeling into a song or something that has already been said but in a new way.

 Q: What are you working on right now?

A: 100 new songs in Nashville, new writers. I’m very excited about it.

Q: Your new album, APRIL, is a huge hit. What was your inspiration behind it?

A: April is about a year of my life, April to April, I gave away almost everything I owned, fell madly in love and decided that adventure was more important than having things.

 Q: Where are you now?

A: I’m in Nashville, Tennesee with my guitar and my dog. 

Q: Do you have any big projects or concerts coming up? 

A: Yes, hopefully something comes out in the fall, we’re about 6 songs deep into the next project and I’m very excited about it.

 Q: You recently played at Bumbershoot, what did it feel like to play in front of that many people?

A: It was definitely the biggest stage I’ve ever played and I definitely want to do it again. It felt great. 

Q: We first met you over a year ago during our 2018 campaign shoot, what has changed since we last saw you?

A: I’ve just done a tonne of travelling, went across Canada and the US and continued to fall madly in love and got engaged. 

Emily’s new album, April launched this year.

Emily’s new album, April launched this year.

Her voice, story, and songs are raw and real. Emily Rowed is in our DNA - she’s a part of our MALVADOS family. Check out her hauntingly beautiful new album, APRIL, here.


With Summer in the rearview mirror, we’re bumping beats, sipping our pumpkin spice latte and speeding our way into Fall. No looking back; we’ve got our hair tied up, our jean jackets on, and we’re ready to go.

‘Cuz we come prepared. Hello Fall, we’ve been expecting you.



We’re ready for back to school, back to work, and back to reality. We’ve had our summer fun, enjoyed our fair-share of beach days, attended every festival we could, and partook in one too many BBQs. And don’t you worry - we’ve got the Insta pics to prove it all.

Now for Autumn, the season of cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and the start of holiday cheer.



Don’t let the changing window displays at your fav stores freak you out. Grab your cozy sweater from the back of your closet, throw on those mom jeans, and slip into your MALVADOS sandals.

‘Cuz lets face it - are we really over Summer? Keep your body warm and cozy and your feet looking fashionably cool and fresh AF. Anyone who’s anyone knows that sandal season is a forever thing. It’s an all-year round season staple.



Moral of this post: see ya Summer, we’re Fallin’ for MALVADOS. And it’s a 365 days a year type of situation.


As if Miami in July isn’t hot enough, throw in some bathers, babes, and bubbly. Not sweating yet? That’s right, we forgot to mention the A-list celebs, press and publicity.

Swimwear season is in full swing as the fashionable fly to Miami, Florida for one of summer’s hottest events: Miami Swim Week. The perfect chance to find out what’s trending in the industry, make purchases for the upcoming season, and get some serious inspo.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 11.59.27 AM.png

MALVADOS sponsored the gift bags for Vitamin A’s runway show which kicked off the week on Friday night. Attended by so many celebs like rapper Carnage, Dylan McDermott, Amanda Pacheco, Wilmer Valderrama, Joy Corrigan - let’s just say the who’s who definitely made an appearance at this must-see show.

VA Fashion Show.jpg

So many suits, sandals, shows and sun - but amidst all the glamour and excitement, we still managed to give out 1000 pairs of MALVADOS to buyers attending the Miami Swim Show. We met with our fav swim accounts, and noted that our colour palette for the Spring MALVADOS collection is so on trend. Basically, animal prints are hot and metallics are killin’ it.

miamiblog 2.jpg

Moral of the story is: why be an angel when you can be a MALVADOS mermaid?

Cheers, to the next Miami Swim Week!

MALVADOS: Unapologetically Canadian

Canadian born. Canadian raised. Canadian made. Through and through, our blood runs red and white, maple syrup pulsing through our veins. Sorry not sorry; we’re proud to be Canadian.

IMG_6833 EDIT.jpg

We skate, we ski, we hunt, and we hike. We tan, we chill, and we’re really really polite. So sorry, too much bragging? Oh wait, did we mention the Raptors win? Nothing like good ol’ Canadian pride!

From sun to snow, and everything in between, Canada is our home. And MALVADOS couldn’t be prouder.

Canada Day 02.jpg

To come from the True North, a country so strong and free, MALVADOS is wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day!

Whether you’re spending the long weekend with family or friends, tanning on the beach, or cozy in bed - let’s face it: there’s no place we’d rather be! From one Canadian to another, Happy Canada Day!!!!

Soles4Souls x MALVADOS

Partying on the patio, chilling at the cottage or bumming around the backyard - MALVADOS are always there for you. Whether they’re on your feet or right beside you - they’ve got you covered every step of the way. They provide comfort, support, and encourage us to move forward. MALVADOS are our foundation, and everyone deserves to feel that feeling.


To get that message across and give back to communities worldwide, MALVADOS partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit organization. MALVADOS donated 1000 pairs of sandals to people living in poverty stricken areas and those stuck in the aftermath of natural disasters. 1000 pairs of sandals to those that need them most.



Soles4Souls began in 2006 and have since distributed over 35 million pairs of shoes across 127 countries. Just like MALVADOS, Soles4Souls believes that everyone deserves a good pair of shoes.

Visit Soles4Souls to see how you can walk the walk!



"Tulum with Me"

Tulum : A boho-chic paradise located at the Southern tip of Caribbean Mexico. Stunning blue water, dusty white sand beaches and dense tropical jungle create a safe haven for all things beautiful and creative.

Artwork by Daniel Popper.

Artwork by Daniel Popper.

This hidden oasis hosted Art With Me’s incredible art, music and wellness festival for the second year in a row. Amazing sculptures and unique art installations were showcased in boutique hotels and lined the shoreline, taking your breath away. Musicians played beachside while festival goers danced along with the palm trees. This is our vibe, where we belong. Where MALVADOS needs to be.

Copy of DSC00756.jpg

This surreal experience created a unique opportunity, so we grabbed it by the horns. There was no better place to capture what MALVADOS is about, to share what resonates in our DNA. This was the perfect place to shoot our 2020 Spring and Summer campaigns.

IMG_6258 Edit.jpg

Everywhere you go in Tulum has its own stunning unique beauty. Just like our new collection, full of diverse styles and fabrications. We welcome you to join the tribe this Spring 2020 and experience “Tulum with Me”.

Earth Day Every Day

At MALVADOS, a day spent outdoors is a day spent in our natural habitat. From kicking sand at the beach, to crushing rocks on our bike, we like to believe we are one with nature. We value, respect, and cherish the ground our sandals walk on, day after day. We choose to nurture nature, whether that means turning the lights off when leaving a room, or bringing our re-usable water bottle everywhere we go.


We seize the day, drown out the pressure, and let our worries drift away. ‘Cuz after one look out our bedroom window and one step outside, we know how lucky we are to live in this world. There’s no place we’d rather be, so instead of trashing our future, we do our best to preserve our present.

On this Earth Day: April 22nd, MALVADOS wants to see you taking action. After all, it’s the only Earth we got. Thinking of riding your bike to work? Atta girl! Planting some seeds in your backyard? Reducing, reusing, recycling? We’re with you!


Join MALVADOS in the global effort in becoming Waste Warriors. Bring on the challenge, ‘cuz we were born to think green. We want to do our part in protecting this Earth. The Earth is what we all have in common, so dare to be a force of nature and let’s do all we can to protect it. May the forest be with you.

GIMME A BREAK - Preferably March Break.

Just 7 more sleeps.

5 more early mornings.

And 5 more sandals to pack.

That’s right, we’re talking about Spring Break 2019. The countdown has never felt so close - and boy, have we earned it! Tick tock tick tock.

MALVADOS Campaign3.jpg

March Break is quickly approaching, so whether you’re travelling to a faraway destination or planning the staycation of a lifetime, it’s going to be a busy week of bucket list #goals. Relax, chill out, and laugh lots. Beat the winter blues and get sandy toes, salty hair, and bubble baths galore.

Our motto this break? The words we’re currently living by?

Less rules, more pools.

MALVADOS Campaign2.jpg

It’s time to trade in your snow boots for sandals and get your toes polished. After all, cute outfits always start from the ground up. MALVADOS loves a good vacay. Tag us in your pics and mention us in your posts. We live for a good sandal selfie.

Stay warm and keep cool! We’ll be thinking about you!

Safe Travels!


#LOVE - February’s most trending hashtag.

Relationship status: Single

Relationship status: Taken

Relationship status: It’s Complicated

No, this post will not be a rant on all things hearts and chocolate. It will not target all flower shops and fancy restaurants. It’s just a little reminder to prepare yourself for the month of February. A month full of red and pink, full of roses are red, violets are blue. It’s to get your fingers ready to double tap on all the super cute, sorta cute, and straight up bitter content you’ll be inundated with. This post is to encourage you to stare the red traffic lights straight on, instead of somehow averting your course during Cupid’s month. Whether you’re more sugar or spice, this V-Day will be filled with everything nice.


Got a special someone in your life? A furry companion to confide in? A family to depend on? A BFF to LOL with? This Valentine’s Day, MALVADOS is spreading the love and embracing every second of it. ‘Cuz it is what it is, and instead of throwing shade, we’re all about the hugs and kisses.


Whether you’re coupled up and insta-goals or single and thriving, MALVADOS would swipe right on your profile any day. We really like you. We like like you. It’s safe to say: we love you. Be our Valentine.


Your Valentine,


Thank U, Next

Bring. It. On..

With 2018 in the past, we can forget about that unused gym membership, the healthy living diet we planned on sticking to, and the good intentions we had in being money conscious. The motivation you had last January quickly turns into snoozing your alarm and spending 10 more minutes in bed from February onwards.

No more feeling sorry for ourselves: we’re declaring 2019 the year to dream big and run wild. With 365 new days filled with unlimited opportunities, our 2019 adventure will be free of regret and full of YOLO moments!

MALVADOS Lifestyle2.jpg

This year MALVADOS is all about keeping things real, being spontaneous in our adventures, and staying true to ourselves.  Instead of simply talking about the road trip of your dreams, MALVADOS will be watching and waiting for you to book the motels and hop in the driver’s seat. Rather than dreaming of going to Coachella with your besties, MALVADOS will be snug in your suitcase ready to attend the oncein-a-lifetime outdoor festival. This year, MALVADOS is taking control of life and living it to the fullest.


Thanks for all the 2018 memories, it’s been real. 2019, we welcome you with open arms and a champagne flute in hand. Wishing you the best of luck 2019, ‘cuz MALVADOS has a lot in store for you this year😊

Thankful, Blessed, and Ho-Ho-Holiday Obsessed

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s officially acceptable to blast the carols in the car and sing your heart out. After the Thanksgiving food coma has passed, it’s time to turn your house into a magical wonderland, grab the decorations from the basement and deck the halls. No time to waste this holiday season, with gifts to buy and a long list of what you’d like to receive, the pressure’s on.


No need to worry; just take a deep breath. ‘Cuz as always, MALVADOS has your back. We’ve created a Holiday Gift Guide that will keep mom, dad, your bestie, and the rest of your crew feeling jolly AF.


A perfectly practical gift for the most deserving people in your life. Yep, you guessed it: MALVADOS is launching its’ Spring 19 collection! December 1st to be exact! Full of plush finishes, reptile textures, and colours like you’ve never seen before - MALVADOS Spring 19 is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re celebrating this Holiday season for 8 nights or wanting the ultimate gift to place under your tree, look no further than MALVADOS. With options galore that don’t break the bank, these stylish sandals are sure to have fam and friends looking good, feeling great, and ready to sleigh all day. Best part? You can order online! Get your Holiday shopping done for him, for her, and maybe even a pair or two for you…


Tick tock tick tock… you’ve got gifts to wrap and cards to write! Happy Holidays! XOXO, Your MALVADOS Fam


“D.J. turn it up, it’s about damn time to live it up” - Kesha

Inspired by music, travel, and fashion. Fuelled by cocktails and rockstars. We present to you: MALVADOS. A brand for anyone and everyone.

The ICON Taylor Noir in Chardonnay // Style Dropping December 1st

The ICON Taylor Noir in Chardonnay // Style Dropping December 1st

The nomad. The traveller. The free-spirit. The party-goer. The positive personality. The lust-for-life individual. The adventurous rockstar.

There’s a little MALVADOS spark in all of us. All we’re saying is, light a match and let yours shine. Live your life, love a lot, and laugh ’til you cry. After all, You Only Live Once, so let’s do it right. No time for regrets. Only adventures to be had and memories to be made.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.41.42 AM.png

In #myMALVADOS, we march to the beat of our own drum, explore the wildest places our heart desires, and dress to impress. We drink insta-worthy cocktails (on occasion, a mocktail), and we know how to throw down and rock out at a good party. We love s’mores and a campfire, and we travel at every chance we get. In #myMALVADOS, we are unstoppable. We can do anything, we can be anything, and we are living our best life.

“You know we're superstars, we are who we are” - Kesha

CAUTION: Too Cute To Spook

Welcome to October: a month where candy sales soar, horror flicks play on repeat, and you find yourself ordering pumpkin flavoured everything. A month where spiderwebs and skulls are the “it” home accessory, where blood is the sought after makeup, and where people get the chance to dress up as someone they’re not.


Beware: MALVADOS is taking on a new approach to the fright-night fun. Join us in embracing the whimsical side while looking chillingly chic. We’re keeping it real, and making the candy hunt one to remember. Bow down, witches. Let’s get this party startled.

MALVADOS knows, dressing up as a celeb and taking on their persona for a couple of hours makes for an epic #OOTD on insta. We get the Halloween hype - it’s fun, it’s scary, and there’s a constant thrill and adrenaline rush. It’s the perfect chance to find your boo and put on your resting witch face. But, getting kissed by a vampire is a pain in the neck, and so is trying to be someone you’re not. Rather than becoming someone so completely unrecognizable, throw on a pair of MALVADOS with your costume to keep the inner you alive.


With everyone so dressed up, be the you that you’ve always wanted to be. Show the world the free-spirited, adventurer, born-to-be-wild side. Halloween is the holiday of all things frightening, so what better time to face your fears and be the you you’ve always wanted to let out? You’re boo-tiful inside and out, so no nerves necessary. Take a deep breath, keep calm and carry a wand.


MALVADOS encourages exploration and expression. After all, the best costume is the one you’re most confident in! Trick or treat yo’self to a pair of MALVADOS this Halloween for the ultimate fashion statement. If the broom fits, fly it. Oops, I mean: if the shoe fits, wear it. Happy Halloween!


The end of summer? Go away. You’re not wanted here. And we can’t even.


Having 2 months full of care-free, sun-tanning, pool-floating, party rocking days and nights, our summer-state-of-mind is stronger than ever. With s’mores to be made by a campfire, and cars to be driven cross-country - we’re all feeling the back to reality blues.

Bye-bye July. Nice knowing you, August.

Having returned home from our wanderlust-worthy vacays, we’re slowly coming to terms with trading in our sun tan for sin, cos, and tan. We’re taking our story and turning it into an essay topic. Or, better yet, proofreading somebody else’s adventure story.


Well, no thanks. Not on our watch. MALVADOS is here to remind you that just ‘cuz summer is over doesn’t mean the rest of your life is! Summer slump? Don’t think so. The adventure is just beginning. With places to go and people to see, we’re just getting started.

Just because work is in full force and school’s back in session - it’s never not the right time to drive with your hair up and your windows down. Rock out on your guitar, chill out on your hammock, and fire up the BBQ ‘cuz things are about to get LIT.


Summer ’18 has come and gone, but our MALVADOS are here to stay. And where there are MALVADOS, there are adventures. So, what’re you waiting for?! No excuses. No more living 10 months for 2. We’ll be waiting for Snapchat stories and Insta pics - ‘cuz life’s too short to live any other way.

Summer Should Get A Speeding Ticket

This is an automated message as we are currently out of the office. We have road trips to go on, pool parties to crash, and trade shows to attend. If you need to find us, please locate your nearest ice cream truck – we’ll probably be there.


It’s only the second month of summer, and we’re totally bringing the heat. Just last month, we packed our bags and jetted off to Miami Swim, followed by Vancouver’s Know Show. Talk about living our best life, am I right? And that’s just the beginning. Up and coming, we have Platform in Las Vegas and Surf Expo in Orlando. Remember that summer bucket list we mentioned a few posts ago? Check, check, and check.

Malvados_SP19' Trade Show 5.jpg

As you may have already gotten tired of last year’s summer-staples, to help make the old look new and completely reinvent your closet, MALVADOS has turned it up a notch by adding new styles, colours and fabrics. MALVADOS is providing you with super stylish, completely amazing, and totally noteworthy content to upload to your insta feed. #GOALS. But seriously. With *NEW* Canary Yellow and Azure Blue colours, reptile prints, and an expanded fashion category - we’re Trip’Inn out. Road Trip’Inn out.

Aug blog4.jpg

Every time the warm weather rolls around, the MALVADOS inside us all is freed, our wanderlust soars, and our adventure officially begins. With sandals this cute, can you blame us?! So, lotion up, grab your sandals n’ sunnies, and hit the road. Crank the tunes, sing your heart out, and explore the world. Let your inner MALVADOS out, ‘cuz we all need some of that in our lives.

MALVADOS: Canadian Made.

Canada: a country full of poutine, beavertails, Tim Horton’s coffee, and maple syrup. Known worldwide for being polite, for apologizing at every opportunity, and for rockin’ a Canadian tuxedo like no other. A country where every person is a patriotic one, and where the Canadian dream is an everyday reality. Oh Canada, how we love you.


Every year on July 1st, a sea of red and white floods the streets as Canadians from coast-to- coast celebrate the True North. One hundred and fifty-one years ago, Canada was founded, and today, we say Happy Birthday.

To the thrill-seekers and gypsy-loving travellers, slip into a little Canada this summer in a pair of MALVADOS sandals. Founded in 2016 by Jennifer Rainnie and Baseer Khudayar, MALVADOS is proud to be Canadian. A fashion forward style staple, they’re the sandals that adventures are made in and memories are forever. With every step made, the dreamer in all of us is found and the wanderlust begins.

Baseer and Jen copy.jpg

So, whether your sittin’ poolside with a maple leaf tatted on your shoulder, or watching the fireworks snap, crackle, and pop - bring a piece of Canada with you by wearing your MALVADOS sandals. Unapologetically authentic and effortlessly edgy - MALVADOS brings something new and exciting to take with you everywhere. It’s a Canadian thing, eh?

Happy Birthday, Canada!

With lots of love,
A fellow Canadian: MALVADOS

New Summer Campaign, Who Dis?

Summer is finally HERE! With sun on our mind and sandals on our feet, it’s time to get those pedicures booked and let the search for new sunnies begin. With the stress of finding the cutest ‘fits and the pressures of posting the cutest pics, MALVADOS has made your life that much easier with their *NEW* Road Trip Inn Summer 2018 campaign. Looking for a sandal to go with absolutely everything? Or a flip flop to wear on your next big adventure? We’ve got you covered.


Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Emily Rowed and Charlie Kerr drive together into the world, craving adventure and staying true to their nomadic lifestyles. Wearing their MALVADOS sandals with extra pairs packed away in their little suitcase as they go from motel to motel, they’re never looking back. ‘Cuz the future is too bright for that.

Emily Rowed, musician and full-time wanderer, is known for her haunting, buttery, and deeply personal vocals. Having worked with DJ Tiesto in 2014, she is just getting started. Charlie Kerr is a musician, actor, and playwright. He has been recognized as a “Star To Watch” according to Variety Magazine as well as E! Canada and the Whistler Film Festival.


Join Emily and Charlie on their adventure with Road Trip Inn Summer 2018 campaign. From records spinning and guitars playing, to eating sundaes at a diner, these two know how to live a care-free, spur-of-the-moment, follow-your-dreams kind’ve life. And MALVADOS loves that.



Mom, this is for you. It’s a thank you for always being there, for knowing what to say, and for never taking “no” for an answer. It’s an “I love you” for knowing me better than I know myself, for teaching me right from wrong, and for being the same shoe size as me. This is a Happy Mother’s Day message to a #MALVADOSMama like no other. ’Cuz you’re so much more than some flowers and chocolates.


Like my MALVADOS, our mom is our foundation. She’s the person who tells the truth so bad it hurts, and the person who would never want to see us fall. She’s our constant shoulder to cry on and our most fierce protector.

Like my MALVADOS, providing comfort and support are a must. And mom’s know that. It’s just something they do. Like my MALVADOS, mom’s are always there for guidance. They’re there to encourage us to face our fears, to walk into the unknown, and to challenge ourselves. They pave the way for us to create memories of our own and have adventures of a lifetime.

Like my MALVADOS, a mom is loyal. Through the ups, the downs, and everything in between - there’s one person we can always count on, our mom. They’ve been with us through it all and they keep coming back for more!

Like my MALVADOS, it will always be us against the world. ‘Cuz no one gets it quite like you do.


What we’re getting at, is that if it wasn’t for you, we’d be screwed. Time to call Grandma, to see mom, and to text sister. It’s Mother’s Day, so let’s give them all the praise and affection that they TOTALLY deserve. Thanks for being my mom, my cheerleader, and my go-to person. I’m proud to say: #IGotItFromMyMama.

Coachella State of Mind

What do you get when thousands of people travel to be in a desert full of music, fashion, parties, and food over a 2 weekend span? One of the most popular festivals for the wild at heart, adventure-chasing gypsies: Coachella.

It’s that time of the year again, and festival season has officially arrived. With a killer lineup and meticulously crafted outfits, anything goes. The ultimate boho chic playground with Instagram pics like never before - on a scale from 0 to 100, how “Coachella” are you?! MALVADOS has put together an epic Coachella bucket list to make this festival season off the charts!


A Ride Of Passage The ferris wheel is an iconic site that gives festival goers #views of everything. The Coachella carnival ride is legendary. Whether you go for a ride or a take a pic with the fully functional ferris wheel in the background - you’re making history.


Paparazzi Pics This slice of paradise wouldn’t be complete without some celeb stalking, which isn’t hard to do at star-studded Coachella. Have your camera ready to snap some shots, but remember to keep it cool. Ask to take their pics rather than being a total creeper. Stars, they’re just like us…right?


Beyond The Festival Grab your flamingo float and make a splash at one of the many Coachella pool parties! With a drink in hand and a DJ spinning nearby, this mini festival will have you living the Coachella dream at a discounted admission fee. Advice: remember your inflatables! Whatever it may be; swan, unicorn, flamingo - it’s your most important accessory.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.28.36 PM.png

Squad Goals If you didn’t post to Instagram and story on Snapchat, were you really even there? MALVADOS is giving you permission to be that person who #cantstop #wontstop posting! You Only Live Once, so grab your squad, take some pics, and let your friends at home live vicariously through you and your #squadgoals group.

Every festival has a story, and MALVADOS wants to hear yours!



Hello Spring Break! We’ve been waiting for you. With sandals on our mind and boots on our feet, MALVADOS created a quiz to #freethefeet and focus on what’s really important: March break. Take this quiz and find out which MALVADOS sandal you need to take with you on Spring Break!

malvados everything but water-15.jpg

On a vacation, you are… 

A. Hiking, snorkelling, surfing…adventure awaits!

B. Tanning by the pool, sipping your fav drink, and just chillin’ out.

C. On a tour, sightseeing, and trying all the local foods. It’s tourist time!

Which best describes your style?

A. Sporty and boho chic

B. Classic and effortless

C. Stylish trendsetter

Your dream vacay looks a little something like:

A. A road trip. Life is meant to be explored!

B. A festival! I’ve got my henna tat and fanny pack. It’s go-time.

C. Somewhere far away and exotic. Sorry in advance for all the pics I’ll be posting.

Your beach #OOTD is a:

A. Matching bikini set, baseball hat, jean shorts, and beachy waves.

B. One piece with major cut-outs, cute coverup, and sunnies.

C. Super chic bather, sarong, and oversized straw sunhat.

It’s March Break and you’re going somewhere H-O-T. Your pedi style is:

A. Totally natural. Did I mention I’m low maintenance?

B. Something bright! I need to embrace the sandal state-of-mind.

C. Metallic. When I’m shining bright, my toes should, too.

Malvados wander with us-3.jpg

If you got mostly A’s… The MALVADOS Playa is the sandal for you! Playful, silly, and fun-loving, this is your spirit sandal. With a “live in the moment” type of attitude, this sandal, like you, is always up for an adventure.

Malvados wander with us-8.jpg

If you got mostly B’s… The MALVADOS Lux Sandal is your Spring Break BFF! Complementing your           laid-back style, this metallic-strapped super comfy flip flop is the perfect spring break staple.

malvados everything but water-18.jpg

If you got mostly C’s… Grab the MALVADOS Icon and get out of town! They’re totally original and stand out in a crowd - just like you. Stay creative, and be wild.

Or, stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and BRING THEM ALL. A little overweight luggage never hurt anybody…